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About Copperwood

Copper Wood Company started its activity at 2000. This company’s activity field is design and implementing interior decorations with best high quality luxury European materials and goods. This company by importing its requested materials (such as MDF Sheets, Acrylic , Quartz Sheets, Security and interior Doors, Laminates and wall papers) from known European manufacturer companies and by using expert team, succeed to achieve customers’ satisfaction until now. We promise people who are looking for a new world, to make it real.

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CopperWood Products

Copper Wood Company with the purpose of creating a collection of the most luxurious brands in the world in Iran, with experienced cadre tried to provide facilities merit and competence with Partners and Iranian manufacturers.

Alvic MDF

Alvic MDF

ALVIC MDF has excellent physical-mechanical response compared to other alternative products, highlighting its scratch-resistant, surface quality, high brightness as well as light stability towards colours. These characteristics make ALVIC MDF well suited for vertical applications in kitchen, bathroom, office and home furniture. The LUXE ALVIC MDF manufacturing process allows not only solid colours but also a wide range of designs, such as wood, marble, stone, fantasy etc.. A quality that makes LUXE ALVIC MDF a highly versatile and decorative product.
Latho MDF

Latho MDF

LATHO MDF ıs made ın Italy. LATHO company uses “MOVE” O “TYPE” to introduce its products. To clarify concept of the word, they explain “MOVE” as a natural wood or Alpi veneer on MDF.


Prem Line is a young group in Italy. Specialist in the field of glass panel production with super features, such as being anti- scratch and anti-fingerprint, which their PVC free veneer are Eco – friend. Prem Line panels’ design and patterns are suitable for interior design especially residential and commercial spaces.


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For visitors’ easier and faster access, and to choose and introducing products Copper Wood Company placed its latest catalogues to see and download.


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In this part you can access to last videos of Copper Wood company’s products and services. In these videos we tried to explain Copper Wood Company’s products separately. Introducing exhibitions and conferences during a year and also you can find news about wood and MDF industry in this part.

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Copperwood Articles

This company’s activity field is design and implementing interior decorations with best high quality luxury European materials and goods. This company by importing its requested materials (such as MDF Sheets, Acrylic , Quartz Sheets,


Date : 1395/11/30 Group : Alvic MDF

MEBEL is an important event in the furniture industry and decoration that is celebrated in Russia as, being more international than othersimilar fairs. MEBEL attracts visitors from the Moscow region and the rest of the country, republics and neighboring countries. It is a well established showthat in the last edition brought together 1,200 exhibitors,


Date : 1395/11/30 Group : Alvic MDF

This fair, considered the most important event for the furniture and wood industry in the United States, will host the presentation of the latest developments in the industry and trends in the current market.

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